MIS + Toy Selectah present Compass

Billboard has announced Compass teaser with more than 90 featurings.

Mad Decent’s Toy Selectah has combined forces with Camilo Lara (DJ Mexican Institute of Sound) to create Compass, a new album the duo spent last year recording in secret while jet-setting around the globe.

“This album is like our PhD thesis on global music production,” Toy Selectah says. Indeed, the pair was yearning for a challenge, and in Compass, consider that mission accomplished. Selectah and Mexican Institute of Sound wanted to collaborate with artists they admired outside of the DJ realm, so they sought out collaborators representing electronic, reggae, hip-hop, indie, punk, and more.

“This project has been a mystical quest trying to prove that there is only one dance floor across the globe,” Lara says.

Compass is due in early 2015. To get a taste of the magic in store, check out the trailer below:



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