Listen Mexrrissey Live !

After their successful tour on UK and USA, Mexrrissey shares his live set on New York a few days ago...



Set List:

  • "El Primero Del Gang" ("The First of the Gang To Die," Morrissey)
  • "El Chico de L'Espina Clavada" ("The Boy With The Thorn In His Side," The Smiths)
  • "Mi Novia Esta En Coma" ("Girlfriend in a Coma," The Smiths)
  • "Entre Mas Me Ignoras" ("The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get," Morrissey)
  • "Cada Dia Es Domingo" ("Everyday Is Like Sunday," Morrissey)
  • "International Playgirl" ("The Last of the Famous International Playboys," Morrissey)
  • "Mexico" ("Mexico," Morrissey)
  • "Di Me" ("Ask," The Smiths)
  • "Panico" ("Panic," The Smiths)
  • "El Boca" (“The Mouth”) ("Bigmouth Strikes Again," The Smiths)
  • "Estuvo Bien" (“It Was Good”) ("Suedehead," Morrissey)
  • "El Hijo Soy" (“I Am The Son”)  ("How Soon Is Now," The Smiths)


Also here some photos from Los Angeles / Regent Theater show...


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