Camilo Lara producer of Los Angeles Azules' new album

November 2014 marks the release date of Los Angeles Azules' new album -  "Viernes Cultural"  As for their last album they worked with Camilo Lara and Toy Selectah as producers.

The producers chose the repertoire of the new album containing mostly covers of very famous tropical songs combined with some classic tracks.

The album was recorded in Cuba during July 2014 along with a documentary where you can see all group details, anecdotes and collaborators during the recording. In this edition they have featurings with Gilberto Santa Rosa, Haydee Milanes, La cane and Gustavo Cucho Parisi (Authentic Decadentes) as collaborators Banda.


  1. Viernes Cultural feat. Haydée Milanés
  2. La Cadenita
  3. Paso La Vida Pensando feat. Gilberto Santa Rosa
  4. Toma Que Toma
  5. Amigos Nada Más
  6. Ella Usó Mi Cabeza Como Un Revolver feat Gustavo Cucho Parisi
  7. Canchis Canchis
  8. 20 Rosas
  9. Cumbia de la Plata feat La Banda Bastön
  10. Cumbia Popular
  11. Mi Niña Mujer

Here you can see the documentary...

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